A creator's space to share art with the world

I wanted to find a space to create art and work with clients directly. Over the years this small business has evolved around the services and skills I've gained. New partnerships and growth have allowed the business to become an art studio/freelance studio.
John Bright
Founder/Creative Director

Refined Design

We spend quite a bit of time in the details. We believe it matters greatly.

Stellar Support

We stay in touch, and respond quickly to our clients.

We're Unique Artists

Each of our artists have their unique style and approach to their craft


The Dream Has Come
A Long Way

From a small wedding photography business, to a freelance company offering a mix of services
For a school project, the concept of Andromeda was formed. The inspiration came from Greek mythology and a brand and website was created. The idea stuck around after college and it was brought to life as a true business.
2012 - 2018
JXBphotography became the first iteration of the business. The primary focus was portrait photography plus wedding photography, taking on small projects while working a full time job as a graphic designer & web designer
2019 - 2020
Bright Sudios
The business evolved beyond photography and became more design focused transitioning into a agency style model. This phase also explored collaborations with other artist and further expanding wedding services.
2020 - Current
Bryt Studios
In 2020 the brand evolved to mark a change in brand direction. The name got shortened and the logo updated as part of the new brand launch. With renewed focus on building partnerships and helping small businesses grow through design, photo and web services.

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